We are the Cicero Republicans. Although we share some basic beliefs with our County, our State, and our National party, we are local. Our focus is on our community, not the state or the world. We embrace the Town of Cicero and all its residents, regardless of party affiliation. We share the same needs, the same desires for our families, the same enjoyment of a quality-of-life in this town. Our primary focus is on the following issues:

Fiscal Accountability.
Taxes is a “four-letter word.” No argument. When we pay taxes, we expect and demand that the monies be spent responsibly, and that those in office be accountable for due stewardship. The budget should be balanced and always in anticipation of future needs. We also believe that relying on reserves to avoid new taxes is just postponing the hard decisions.

Responsible Growth.
There is growth and there is responsible growth. Growth without responsibly considering the possibly negative impact on our quality-of-life can create havoc in traffic patterns, cause blight in zoning, and disrupt the residential peace we enjoy. Growth must always focus on the contribution to the community, whether new businesses or new residential communities.

We take pride in our Town. We have good schools and safe communities. We believe our Town government must not just administer the responsibilities of government, but also ensure support for our seniors and others with special needs, create and maintain a family-friendly environment in our many parks and other facilities, and maintain a quality support program for our roads.

Do these statements reflect your priorities? If so, then please always consider our candidates in local elections, as we endorse candidates only after careful scrutiny and multiple interviews. When you vote for a Town of Cicero Republican candidate, you can be sure that the individual embraces our values. And the above words are not idle talk. We do what we say. For reassurance, review these official Town of Cicero annual reports for recent Republican-led Town Boards:


Not a Republican? We welcome new members. Party registration is a formal process administered by the Onondaga County Board of Elections and you can make that decision by downloading this form and following its instructions.

Already a Republican and wanting to become more active within our community? We always welcome new members and new ideas. More information is available at our About Us page. We appreciate your interest.