Committee MeetingCicero Republican Committee – What we do:
The members of the Cicero Republican Committee represent the Republicans living in the town of Cicero, New York. Candidates interested in running for public office as a Republican (at both the town and the county level) approach the committee . All individuals interested in running for a particular office will speak to the committee and the committee members vote on which candidate they think is the best candidate for that position. Each committee member represents an election district within the town of Cicero. That election district is assigned a weighted vote (based on the number of votes the gubernatorial candidate received on the Republican line for said election district) to represent their area. Committee members use this weighted vote when they select their choices for our Republican candidates.

The committee members do more than just select candidates. They donate their time to help our Republican candidates become elected to public office. Committee members perform a wide range of tasks, from going door-to-door carrying petitions to get our candidates on the ballot to passing out literature and lawn signs.

Have a question or interested in joining the committee? Contact us! We are always looking for Republicans eager to learn more about the political process.

To help our Republican candidates get elected, you don’t have to be a committee member. If you want to volunteer to help on our local political campaigns please contact us.

The Committee 
Chair: James Corl, Sr.
Vice-Chair: MaryEllen Venesky
Secretary: Bill Meyer
Treasurer: Nicole Walsh

There are two committee members representing each election district within the town.  The committee members and the areas they represent are as follows:

District 01:  Dewey Schryver and Richard Cushman
District 02:  Christopher J. Woznica and James E. Corl Sr.
District 03:  William A Schaeffer & Jessica Zambrano
District 04:  Timothy Burtis and William Meyer Jr.
District 05:  Mark Venesky and MaryEllen Venesky
District 06:  Thomas Fragola & Timothy Kelly
District 07:  Elizabeth P. Fedele & Jonathan Karp
District 08:  Kenneth Gomez & David Traub
District 09:  Michael Boyle & Christine Burtis
District 10:  C. Vernon Conway and Marla Carno
District 11:  Jason Byrnes & Michael Harwood
District 12:  Cindy Thomason-Smith and Tracy M. Cosilmon
District 13:  Linda R. Dudzinski and Chester A. Dudzinski Jr.
District 14:  Gabrielle George & Robert D N George
District 15:  Thomas Edick and Sharon Edick
District 16:  Maria George & Robert George
District 17:  Joan Burton & James DeVaul
District 18:  Douglas Wickman and Michael Becallo
District 19:  John Annable & Samantha Smith
District 20:  Paul Trew and William Laveck Jr.
District 21:  Charles Stanton IV & Carolyn Walczyk
District 22:  Rosemary Becallo and Paul Becallo
District 23:  Jessica Frasier & Michael Frasier
District 24:  Nicole Walsh & Patrick Walsh
District 25:  Michael Radziewski and Lisa A. DeMarché
District 26:  Amy E. Corl and James E. Corl Jr.

Committee list was last updated March 2017.